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To uphold media freedom and promote quality journalism


Set up in 2008, FMP champions causes that have a vital bearing on the professionalism of journalists.

Responding to various challenges over the years, FMP held panel discussions, lectures and workshops, besides issuing statements and intervening in public interest litigation relating to media freedom. 

Headquartered in Delhi, FMP has opened chapters in Tamil Nadu and Northeast. 

This revamped website of FMP is intended to serve as an aggregator of media-related news and views.

You are welcome to register yourself on our site and send us your thoughts and suggestions.



Help journalists across media platforms to remain true to their watchdog function, against all odds. 


Combat the pressures which turn the Fourth Estate into an infotainment industry or reduce journalism to a hatchet job.


Forge solidarities with other stakeholders in the constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech and expression.  


Serve as a network with a wide and diverse reach, in keeping with the ever-changing challenges and opportunities facing media professionals.