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Cop a conflict, blame the media

Cop a conflict, blame the media

Indian foreign minister blames liberal media for image
S Jaishankar with NSA Ajit DOval and PM Narendra Modi

The Indian foreign minister S Jaishankar, a seasoned diplomat-turned-politician, has blamed the Indian and Westertn media squarely for his inability to sell the BJP-led governments recent action of abrogating Article 370 and its aftermath.

The Times of India and other Indian media outlets report that Jaishankar blamed the English-language liberal media in India and the US media for being deficient in their coverage of Kashmir, pos-abrogation of Article 370 from the Indian Constitution. Jaishankar made this statement at the Indo-US Strategic Partnership summt in New Delhi on 21 October 2019.

Jaishankar said that he found this section of the media did not point out that Article 370 was only a temporary measure and that it had created a roadblock to development and business opportunities in the valley.

The reference was to the recent abrogation of the controversial provision in the Indian constitution and the division of the northernmost state of Indian into two union territories.

Sections of the Indian and Western media has been critical of the manner in which Jammu and Kashmir were locked in and several politicians detained for prolonged periods of time. There are also concerns over the restrictions on reporters, except a few who seemed to have special access.

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Jaishankar said that he found that it had been a hard sell for him because of a bias created by the English-language liberal media. However, he made no comment on the criticism of the manner in which Kashmir had been locked down and several restrictions continue in the valley, including on the media.

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