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DNA makes a quiet shift to digital

DNA makes a quiet shift to digital

DNA edition shutdown announcement on front page of newspaper

In less than 15 years, the Mumbai-based English language daily, Daily News & Analysis, has shut its print edition. The move follows shut downs of its various editions over the last year and several layoffs in which a large number of journalists lost their jobs.

The 9 October 2015 issue of the newspaper carried the announcement on its front page signed by its Editor, heralding the shut down its remaining editions in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Over the last year or so, the newspaper started to shut down other editions, including its short-lived New Delhi edition.

The announcement says that the media outlet is shifting to digital because both print and digital have the same readership and its young readership prefer to consume news on their mobile phones. It is not known what revenue model the newspaper will shift to in order to continue a news operation.

The 2005 launch of the newspaper from Mumbai had made quite a dent when HT was also entering the Mumbai market with journalists. It is a competitive space with the dominance of ToI and also competes for space from two tabloid-sized dailies, Midday and Mumbai Mirror (also of the Times Group).

The newspaper had launched the Delhi edition quite recently with some aplomb though the territory is dominated by Hindustan Times and Times of India in terms of numbers. The launch was led by veteran journalist Raman Kirpal but it failed to make an impact and fizzled out soon afterwards.

The announcement did not immediately draw much attention except for a few old hands who reminisced their experiences working for it.

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