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Don't say Dalit. It is now unconstitutional.

Don't say Dalit. It is now unconstitutional.

Don't use the word Dalit
Courtesy: Dalit Dastak

Photo Courtesy: Dalit Dastak


It all began with a letter from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment on March 15, 2018 saying the government and its functionaries should stop using the term "Dalit" as the Constitution refers to that category as Scheduled Caste. Subsequently, on June 11, the Bombay high court directed the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to consider issuing such a direction to the media too. And that is how the ministry came to issue a diktat on August 7 effectively banning from all TV news channels the popular nomenclature, which former untouchables had chosen from themselves.


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The word Dalit is not ‘unconstitutional’. It is empowering. What’s unconstitutional is telling the media not to use the word ‘Dalit’.


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