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FMPs Nitin Sethi wins prestigious award

FMPs Nitin Sethi wins prestigious award

Photo of Nitin Sethi

The 2020 Asian College of Journalism honour for investigative journalism has been awarded to Nitin Sethi, the vice-president of Foundation for Media Professional, for his series on the electoral bonds.

Sethi has won the award for his reported series on the electoral bonds in India and how they possibly compromise a free and fair election. The series appeared in seven languages across 11 media outlets including Huffington Post India, Arunachaltimes, Imphal Free Press, Assam Times, Deccan Herald, News Meter and News Laundry in English, Azhimukham in Malayalam, Savukku in Tamil, Dharitri in Odia, Prajavani Kannada in Kannada, Max Maharashtra in Marathi, 4th Pillars in Bengali.

The entire series can be viewed here in English.

The award is given by the Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) in Chennai on the day of the annual convocation of the outgoing batch of journalism students. This year, it was postponed by a few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the ceremony was held through a video-conferenced event to kick off the study year instead.

ACJ has also instituted the K. P. Narayana Kumar Memorial Award for Social Impact Journalism from this year and the inagural award was won by Shiv Sahay Singh of The Hindu for his report on the impact of the digitisation of the public distribution system in Jharkhand.

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