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Reuters Institute list leads to media joust on social media

The Reuters Institute, Oxford posted a Twitter thread on some of the best reports during the COVID19 pandemic featuring amongst the 14 a report by the website of The Caravan. The same reports were also carried in a newsletter circulated by the Reuters Institute.

The report by The Caravan noted how prime minister Narendra Modi had asked media houses to refrain from any negative coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic and to focus on the good work done by the government. An editorial director of The Hindu Group attended the meeting (vide teleconference) and, as per the Caravans report, was observed to be highlighting positive coverage by the Hindu.

Some of the staff reporters and editors of the Hindu took to Twitter to voice their protest soon after Reuters Institute posted its list. Some compalined that they had a plethora of critical coverage through commissioned columns and other reports. The executive editor of the Caravan Vinod Jose was clear about the story published by his website and stood by his reporters story. He also shared screenshots of an exchange between him and the editor of The Hindu, Suresh Nambath.

Jose tweeted that The Caravn was critical of The Hindu not carrying critical reports in its government reporting.


Suresh Nambath text message to Vinod Jose



Vinod Jose email reply to Suresh Nambath



Vinod Jose reply to Nambath 2


Vinod Jose reply to Nambath 3




Reuters Institute, Oxford list on crucial stories on COVID-19 pandemic