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FMP and IFF announce Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic

FMP and IFF announce Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic

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The Foundation for Media Professionals is pleased to annonce that it has partnered with the Internet Freedom Foundation to set up a legal defence clinic for journalists.

The clinic will give legal advice, help connect journalists to a network of lawyers for defence and also offer legal reads for stories amongst other pro bono services. Lawyer representing journalists can also seek assistance for drafting and research. Journalists with existing cases can consult for a second opinion on their legal strategy.

The weekly clinic will launch from 5 September at 11 a.m. Every Sunday a lawyer will be available at that time to give pro bono legal advice to journalists and media professionals. All such journalists and media professionals in India are welcome to attend the clinic and seek advice.

The services offered are:

  • Pro Bono direct legal representation to reporters facing immediate legal action as a consequence of their reporting.
  • Second opinion to journalists who seek confirmation of their legal strategy
  • Pre-publication legal review and guidance on unpublished stories where journalists apprehend legal action
  • Research and drafting assistance to lawyers representing individual journalists on technology related issues.
  • Refer journalists to our network of lawyers across India who could assist journalists in their local jurisdictions


A form for registration is available here.

You can also email FMP at



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