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How Narendra Modi has almost killed the Indian media

How Narendra Modi has almost killed the Indian media

The decline of media freedom and independence in the last five years of the Modi government
Indian media

A descriptive column in the Quartz magazine has trailed the death of the Indian media’s independence. The latter half of this period has seen a shift of the public’s attention to social media where politicians use the platform to speak in one direction. 

The media has been silenced with pressure on owners and hounding of journalists. Media ownership patterns have also gone a shift according to this article. 

The most recent trigger for writing such a piece was the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attacks in the TV studios. Seasoned anchors and veteran journalists (including editors) openly announced their allegiance to the govt and many provoked war from the fortified confines of their air-conditioned studios.

Min the meantime, the prime minister has completely detached from taking tough questions from the media preferring instead to speak through social media and once a month on the radio.

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