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FMP statement against assault and abuse of journalists in Kashmir

The Foundation for Media Professionals takes note that even as a writ on the freedom of the press in Jammu & Kashmir is pending at the Supreme Court of India, there are emerging reports of abuse and violence against reporters in the valley. Reports of such incidents, with graphic visuals, have appeared in newspapers and digital media outlets. There is an instance of a journalist, a woman, being surrounded by security forces and blows rained on her car.

FMP statement against persecution of journalists covering NRC

We, the members of the Foundation for Media Professionals and individual journalists independently endorsing this statement, are deeply concerned and outraged at instances of several journalists who have been made targets of a hate campaign, specifically for reporting on the ongoing process of updating the Indian National Register for Citizens in the state of Assam.
There are reporters across the country who have reported on the process of the updating of the NRC ever since it began following a direction from the Supreme Court of India.

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