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SC retd judge to lead OTT and TV watchdog

SC retd judge to lead OTT and TV watchdog

Retired Justice Vikramajit Sen to lead broadcast and OTT regulatory body

The Indian Digital and Broadcast Federation has appointed retired Supreme Court (and former Delhi HC) judge Vikramajit Sen as its head under the new IT Rules.

Justice Sen was appointed to lead the revamped federation which now inlcudes more Bollywood and OTT programming personnel. Earlier called the Indian Digital Federation, it was a self-regulatory mechanism for TV media and the new rules have increased its mandate to the OTT platforms as well.

There were several complaints against OTT platforms not being regulated and their content not being under censorship unlike TV or films. Several petitions in this regard had been sent to the Supreme Court. The Anushka Sharma-produced Amazon Series Pataal Lok had faced pre-distribution challenges in Allahabad High Court and Calcutta HC. Following this, the Centre had promised rules to regulate the content on OTT platforms and has now included them under the controversial new IT Rules 2021.

The Supreme Court had criticised the new IT Rules in the case made by Amazon against the arrest of its India head following a controversy around a web series.

Justice Sen is currently the chairman of the Bombay Stock Exchange and has previously been an ombudsman for the BCCI. He had been the Chief Justice of the Karnataka HC before being elevated to the Supreme Court of India.




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