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Kashmir media crisis draws global criticism

Kashmir media crisis draws global criticism

protest against restrictions on media in Kashmir

The crisis in Kashmir has drawn mixed responses across the world. The curb on media freedom has drawn several critical comments against the way that the Indian media has reported and how the local media in Kashmir has been put under several restrictions in its reporting from the valley.

Author CJ Werleman calls it an attempt by the BJP-led government to make Kashmir invisible to the world while it carries out its stated objectives in Kashmir.

India dropped two rankings in the World Press Freedom Index in both 2018 and 2019. India was at 136 in 2017, down to 138 in 2018 and 140 in 2019.

Journalist Barkha Dutt bats for the government by saying that the situation is complex and that journalists dont have the full story like she does.

The Economist has noted how the Supreme Court has not stepped in, turning to the phrase national security whenever uncomfortable questions have been asked, to curb the unprecedented government actions in Kashmir. This includes the restrictions on media freedom by the Indian government.

A jacket advertisement on the New York Times in September 2019 by a NGO was propagated as a front page story on the newspaper. But it was followed up by a reportage in the newspaper and a column favouring the Indian establishment and its decision.


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