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Meghalaya HC Judge makes senior woman journalist sit in corner of court on Women’s Day

Meghalaya HC Judge makes senior woman journalist sit in corner of court on Women’s Day

Editor and publisher of Shillong times sentenced to contempt of court, humiliated by Meghalaya HC judge
Patricia Mukhim

While the rest of the world celebrated the International Day for Women, a judge of the Meghalaya HC judge administered a strange form of punishment to two women journalists while holding them in contempt of court for comments critical of the judiciary. 

Patricia Mukhim, editor of the 75-year-old newspaper, The Shillong Times, and the newspaper’s publisher, Shobha Chaudhuri, were asked to “sit in the corner of the room till the court adjourned it’s proceedings for the day”, reports reports that a bench comprising Chief Justice Mohammad Yaqoob Mir and Justice Sudip Ranjan Sen took offence to a report published by The Shillong Times titled “When judges judge for themselves” in which the newspaper had written about a Meghalaya HC judgement awarding retirement benefits to judges.

The said order purportedly provides several benefits to retired judges and their families including domestic help and expensive mobile phones. Justice Sen had authored the criticised judgement and also pulled up Mukhim for contempt. After holding them guilty of contempt, Sen retired on March 8.

Despite offering an unconditional apology, the two have been ordered to pay Rs 2 lakh each within a week, failing which they would be imprisoned for six months and their newspaper banned.

Mukhim is a well-known journalist of long standing and respected widely for her reportage on critical issues. 

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