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Modi govt targets cartoonist Manjul through Twitter

Modi govt targets cartoonist Manjul through Twitter

Manjul Toon

The Modi government at the Centre has sent a notice to Twitter through an unspecified law enforcement agency regarding the account of cartoonist Manjul Kishore.

Twitter, in turn, notified the cartoonist about the notice. The text of the notice however suggests that the unnamed agency has sought action against the profile of the cartoonist on Twitter and not any specific tweet, reports

Twitter notice sent to cartoonist Manjul




Speaking to The Print, Manul said that he felt insulted over the notice. He said cartoonists trained under the traditional medium know their limits and lines. “Although social media has blurred such limits, we still maintain and try not to violate it.”

It is not known why Twitter and not other social media platforms have not been petitioned by the said law enforcement agency. The cartoonist has a vast number of followers across these platforms:

180,000 on Twitter

26,800 on Instagram

69,000 on Facebook

(at the time of this writing)

On social media, the cartoons and illustrations of Manjul have been critical of the way that the Modi government has handled the Covid pandemic, vaccination drive and many of its policies. In the last few months, several cartoonists have been critical of the Modi government and its handling of the second wave, including the high-voltage rallies of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in the recently-concluded state assembly elections and the Kumbh rituals.  Deep into the second wave, PM Modi and the BJP made u-turns on the Kumbh but by then, several had contracted COVID-19 virus. A few saints also died.

Several journalists, oppositions leaders and others active on social media have expressed solidarity with the cartoonist.

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