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More allegations emerge against TV9 ex-CEO Ravi Prakash

More allegations emerge against TV9 ex-CEO Ravi Prakash

modi and prakah during the launch

A Rajya Sabha MP of the YSR Congress has made more accusations against Ravi Prakash, former CEO of the media company that owns TV9. Under Prakash, the channel had been critical of the Modi regime, especially before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The YSRC party MP, Y S Vijaya Sai Reddy, has made accusations of blackmail, extortion and money-laundering against Ravi Prakash, who is already in custody on allegations of embezzlement of company funds. The charges have been leveled in a letter to the Chief Justice of India, written by Reddy, who is known as a close aide of YSR Congress chief, Jagan Mohan Reddy. Incidentally, Vijaya Sai Reddy is a co-accused in ED and CBI cases on the YSR Congress supremo.

ravi prakash, former CEO of TV(, currently in custody of Hyderabad Police

Just before the elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had unveiled the launch of the TV9 Hindi news channel. What drew more attention was a video of Ravi Prakash receiving Modi for the launch function. A video of the incident shows Modi complaining to Ravi Prakash, a journalist-turned-media entrepreneur, about TV9 anchors who had been critical of the Modi regime.

In his allegations, Reddy has listed several transactions in both India and abroad purportedly by Prakash, which he claims are cover for money-laundering.

The allegations, for which Prakash is currently in custody, are made by the new management of TV9s parent company. The majority shareholders, Alanda Media, bought stake in the company this year and stripped Prakash of all powers. Ironically, it was Prakash who had brought in Alanda Media to buy out the previous owners.

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