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PCI has not withdrawn anti-press freedom stance from SC

PCI has not withdrawn anti-press freedom stance from SC

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The Press Council of India (PCI) has made a minor tweak to its stand on press freedom before the public but it has yet to withdraw or amend its affidavit filed before the Supreme Court in the Anuradha Bhasin/Kashmir times case.

PCI had filed an affidavit that appeared to support the restrictions placed on the media, citing 'national interest', and said that it would assist the apex court to make up its mind on Bhasin's petition. The council cited Clause 23 of its code for journalists in support of its stand. Journalists and civil society had condemned the PCI for its stand, the Editors Guild of India had expressed its outrage after the PCI stand was made public. 

Subsequently, the PCI circulated a letter, signed by its secretary, withdrawing its stance. However, as The Print points out, there has been no actual change in the stance since the PCI has not withdrawn its previous application and affidavit to the Supreme Court nor modified it to accurately represent its stance. 

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