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PM caught on cam complaining to media owner about critical journalists

PM caught on cam complaining to media owner about critical journalists

Rare footage of a head of state complaining about adverse coverage
Modi in conversation with Ravi Prakash

It has only been talked about, speculated upon and gossiped till now. A TV9 cameraperson was able to capture a video of PM Narendra Modi complaining to the owner of a media house regarding adverse coverage on the news channel.

While journalists, especially several who have been fired from their jobs, have earlier complained that their engagement with the media house was terminated or were forced to resign because the government had intervened with the owners and top bosses. Ravi Prakash is chairman of ABCL–the company that owns the TV9 group–, CEO of the group and leads editorial content as well. Modi was attending the official launch programme of the new channel.

The video, put out by TV9, was shared widely on social media; TV9 has only recently launched a Hindi channel–TV9 Bharatvarsh–and is fast gaining popularity. In the video, Modi is heard complaining to TV9 CEO, Ravi Prakash, that he had filled TV9 with people who criticised him and it was ''in their blood to abuse him".

The CEO is heard responding that he is changing things.

Modi reverts that "don't do that, let them live. Their souls will die if they can't have fun."

The coverage can be found here:

A video of the launch programme, which Modi attended:

Here's a 2014 video of Ravi Prakash's interview of Narendra Modi, when he was the BJP's prime ministerial candidate.

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Photo: screengrab of video as seen on social media