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Rajasthan HC stays FIR against Dorsey for poster controversy

Rajasthan HC stays FIR against Dorsey for poster controversy

Jack Dorsey Twitter row

Twitter co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey held a roundtable discussion with a group of women journalists in India. A picture of the event surfaced in the media where Jack Dorsey was holding a poster presented to him by one of the participants. The poster read "Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy" and turned Twitter into a battleground of interpretations.



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Rajasthan HC Stays FIR Against Twitter CEO on 'Brahminical Patriarchy'

At the height of the controversy, Twitter issued a statement explaining that Dorsey was given the poster by an anti-caste activist and was not holding it as any sort of endorsement of those views.

Dear Twitter, The Poster is Not the Problem, Your Apology is

The platform has apologised to those very people whom the poster was calling out, only because they are noisier and better organised. - Sidharth Bhatia

How Brahminical Patriarchy Smashed Twitter

A troll-army took offence to a poster held by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and then bombarded specific accounts with casteist slurs and threats of violence - Nehmat Kaur





‘Describing a system of oppression is not a slur’: Creator of ‘Smash Brahmanical patriarchy’ poster

Thenmozhi Soundararajan co-created a poster in 2016 that created a storm on Monday after the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was photographed with it. - 


A call to ‘smash Brahmanical patriarchy’ is not hate speech – it's progressive, anti-caste politics

On Monday, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey found himself at the centre of social media storm as a photo of him holding an anti-caste poster went viral. - 


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Upper-caste backlash makes Twitter cut sorry figure

Twitter regrets after photo of Dorsey holding placard that says ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’; US-based poster designer says I have nothing but empathy for Jack. - Shalini Nair 


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Twitter & Brahmanical Patriarchy: What Would Pandita Ramabai Say? - ABHEEK BARMAN

Twitter Lied: Barkha Dutt on ‘Brahminical Patriachy’ Poster Row - MEDHA CHAKRABARTTY


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