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Trivandrum press club secretary picked up for assaulting woman colleague

Trivandrum press club secretary picked up for assaulting woman colleague

Kerala Press Club secretary, M Radhakrishnan, picked up for harrassing and assaulting a colleague

The police in Thiruvananthapuram has arrested the secretary of the citys press club for assaulting a woman journalist and violating her privacy following protests staged by woman journalists, including members of the NWMI.

The police have lodged an FIR against M Radhakrishnan, serving secretary of the Press Club of Thiruvananthapuram, based on a complaint lodged by the woman, reports PTI.

The complainant and the accused are journalists and live in the same neighbourhood. On 30 November 2019, a colleague of the woman had visited her at her home–the woman says she had asked him to run a chore for her–and Radhakrishnan had later barged into her house with a few others and accused them of an extra-marital affair and assaulted both the man and the woman. It turns out that Radhakrishnan had earlier made the same accusation against the man in respect of another woman.

The woman lodged a complaint with the police on 3 December 2019. However, the police did not arrest Radhakrishnan though the kind of alleged house trespass recorded in the FIR included a non-bailable violation of the Indian Penal Code.

Members of the Network of Women in Media, India, staged a protest at the Thiruvananthanam press club on 5 December. After they left, Radhakrishnan turned up at the club and when questioned by the rest of the management committee, reportedly made derogatory remarks against the woman-complainant, reports The New Minute.

Following the protests, the police arrested Radhakrishnan from the administrative office of press club.

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