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Where Truth Matters: Barkha Dutta rattles HTN

Where Truth Matters: Barkha Dutta rattles HTN

Kapil Sibal during election rally

Journalist Barkha Dutt is known to be a noisy reporter and shakes up the status quo quite often; she has one of the largest hate clubs that constantly trolls her for almost every social media post, whether a news report or not.

She has now stuck a finger in the eye of HTN Tiranga TV–the TV news channel which was reportedly launched by Kapil Sibals wife and meat entrepreneur, Promilla Sibal.

Dutt outed some details on social media, making several allegations against Sibal. She wrote that Tiranga TV has sacked around 200 employees without a severance pay for three to six months, which she claimed was the industry standard, and that the senior staff of the news channel had not been paid close to a year. She also alleged that Sibal and his wife had been abusive of the journalists.

Sibal has yet to make any statement on this regard. Outlook magazine`s website quotes sources close to the Congress MP saying that he has nothing to do with the channel, which was launched months before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. There were recent rumours that the channel was going to shed staff, some employees had recently taken to social media to protest but there was no verifiable information or records that were shared. Earlier this month, a collection of the retrenched journalists and employees had gathered outside Sibals house and raised slogans in protest but it did not evoke any reaction from the promoter.

Dutt pointed out that Sibal, who is a highly-paid senior advocate, earns in crores every day but had not paid the employees the acceptable severance pay, despite making promises of employment for two years.

Not Modi, says Barkha

Amongst other allegations, Dutt says that Sibal had claimed that Modi had applied pressure on the TV news channel, leading to its crash. However, she claims that that was not the case and that the central government had not persecuted the media house.

Instead, she said, that Sibal himself played Mallya and took off to London for a vacation when the staff were being fired.

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Tiranga TV: Where Truth Matters