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Writer of book on ISIS slams Julian Assange on his arrest

Writer of book on ISIS slams Julian Assange on his arrest

Julian Assange

Michael Weiss slammed Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, following the latter's high profile arrest by UK authorities. The Ecuadorian diplomatic mission in London, where Assange had taken refuge for the last seven years, turned him out following an order from Ecuadorian president, Lenin Moreno. It exposed a riff in the international journalistic community.

Read Weiss' piece published by The Atlantic here.

The piece by Weiss has curated almost every possible charge and allegation made against Assange including alleged links with Russian spy agencies and other actors who allegedly destabilised the US government, according to Weiss.

Others who have criticised Assange on his personality have despite it said that they will support him.

Watch the video of his arrest here:

Along with Assange, Weiss also took potshots at others who had similarly taken on the US government and its covert actions in the name of national security both domestic and foreign.

He writes about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalists Glenn Greenwald:

“ A “dark moment for press freedom,” tweeted the NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden from his security in press-friendly Moscow. “It’s the criminalization of journalism by the Trump Justice Department and the gravest threat to press freedom, by far, under the Trump presidency,” intoned The Intercept’s founding editor Glenn Greenwald who, like Assange, has had that rare historical distinction of having once corresponded with the GRU for an exclusive.”

Weiss made reference to Assange”s alleged anti-Semitic comment, sparking speculation that that was the reason that he was upset by the Wikileaks founder.

Greenwald, Snowden and several other US-based or US-origin journalists and others have created a collective called 'Freedom of the Press Foundation'.

Weiss has also accused Assange of using his supposed Russian links to destabilise the government in Ecuador. But, Weiss is not alone, there are several others who have accused Assange of helping Donald Trump to set up his presidency. 

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